Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I be able to choose from multiple design options?

The number of designs that you receive will depend upon the package that you choose. Your design package may include two unique concepts, with several variations for each, or it could be comprised of up to four unique designs with variations. All of these options will be made available to you when you place your order.

Are complex logo designs with numerous colours more expensive?

Absolutely not. We want the finished logo to be exactly what you need, and we do not want you to feel restrained. Without adding any extra fees or charges, we will include any details or colours that you require.

How will my completed logo be delivered?

Upon completion, you will receive an email with multiple logo files. We save our work using file types that are compatible with most major graphics programs, such as Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Illustrator

How soon will I receive the logo designs?

Depending upon the size of the package you choose, the first drafts of our designs will arrive within 24 hours.

What if I am not satisfied with the designs?

We will gladly continue to work and revise your logo designs until you are completely satisfied. Our design team will continue to revise your logo until you are pleased, without adding any extra fees. If we are unable to deliver a logo that you would like to use, your fee will be fully refunded.

Where can my logo be used?

The finished logos can be easily uploaded to a website using a web-ready file that we provide. We save the logos using multiple common formats, making it easy to display them on print materials and merchandise. Many clients choose to use the logos on print advertisements, shirts, stationary, cups, and many other materials.

Who owns the rights to my logo?

You will retain the copyright for the designed logos, This will allow you to use the logo wherever and whenever you see fit. We do ask for the right to display the logo in our work portfolio for advertising purposes. This enables us to showcase our previous work and give our business more exposure.

My business is located outside of the UK, Can I utilise your services?

Yes. We have completed design projects for companies around the globe, and often work with clients from the USA, Canada, Germany, and many other countries.

What if I need to cancel my order?

Unlike many other design companies, we will issue a FULL refund if you need to cancel, even if we have already begun the design process.

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