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With over 7 Years of Excellence, our Award Winning designers outshine the Industry Standards

I would just like to say a massive thanks to Sarah & Haroon for producing such a quality professional logo for us. We have over 18,000 followers on Social Media with a start up business that will be advertised to over 100K readers , meaning our logo is of extremely important.

Design my logo created a couple of concepts which were very good but not would we envisioned fully. After sending them a message of what we envisioned they quickly changed the concept to exactly what we had in mind, which is exactly what a good designer will do whilst working with you.

We would like to also state that we paid 3 companies to design logo’s for us in order for us to pick the best one. Design My logo came out on top by a long way so I predict a successful future for you guys. Feel free to check out our logo at or (logo should be displayed after the 6th of May).

Laurence Campbell, Marine Jobs UK