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A logo is more than just a symbol. It is the brands visual identity and can tell the consumer a lot about a business. A consumer can even realise that from a bad logo design, the company may not be concerned about what potential customers think of their brand which will put  the off immediately. Therefore, designing an effective logo is paramount if you are to make your company memorable and stand out amongst the competition. Your logo must be something you are proud to show people and eager to identify yourself with.

The marketing strategy should always be based on good branding. So when you are starting to develop your brands voice, think carefully about how you can portray this visually within your logo. If you spend little time on your branding, your whole company will suffer as a result. Think about a bad company logo, the last thing you want to do is put your trust in their brand by purchasing a product they have to offer. If you want to build a good logo, there are four things it must be:

  1. functional
  2. unique
  3. a good representation of your business
  4. follow the essential logo design principles

So let us discuss some of these logo design principles and how they can be applied in your branding process…

You can never please everyone with a logo design. There is such a diverse spectrum of preferences, it will be impossible to hit the jackpot each time. But by using tried and tested guidelines, you can appeal to the majority. The fundamentals of a good design include but aren’t limited to being: simple, consistent, using the right space, colours and form. It is good to get the advice and guidance of a professional logo designer and if you can afford it, hire one to do the design itself.

The initial Nike concept began with an intern thinking of the basic idea in 1971 for only $35! It was then worked on further by other designers and now almost anyone will recognise the brand and what company it represents just by looking at the famous swoosh.

A Good Logo is also a Functional One

Logos is definitely the most used piece of branding and marketing you will ever create. It will literally be on all of your products, marketing materials, business cards and much more. That is why it is so essential that it must be functional and look good across a range of different media and backgrounds. A great logo adapts to the environment and still stands out from the competitors surrounding them. Despite it being placed on dark, light or textured backgrounds, your logo design will not rely on special effects such as drop shadows or gradients. To ensure that your logo is functional, it is best to keep it as simple as possible. So stay away from any flashy trends that are being used in the design industry at this moment in time. Instead make your logo future-proof by thinking about how to make the font and graphics used unique and simple.

A Good Logo needs to represent your Brands Values

A good logo must give a clear indication of what your business does and how it will benefit the customer. For example, if you are selling auto parts for example, you would want a bold and strong font to represent that parts you have in stock are sturdy and reliable. And on the other hand if you were running a ballet company, you would want your font to be elegant so using a curly and long style would represent your brand nicely.

A Strong Logo is Distinctive

The company must choose a unique design if they are to truly differentiate themselves and stand out. There is nothing wrong with choosing an ordinary object; in fact recognizable images should always be used. However like Apple have done, add a unique touch with the ‘bite’ and give normal a twist.