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Two of the most important decisions a new business owner will make is determining the name of the company, and designing a logo. These two elements will be used to establish the company brand and make an impression on potential customers. While most entrepreneurs understand that the name of the company is significant, many overlook the importance of having a well-designed logo. Especially considering the heavy reliance on company websites, all modern companies need a memorable and creative logo. So, how can you go about designing your own logo?

Determine Your Message

If you browse other popular business logos, you will see that these images help customers remember certain messages about the company. The logo design may help the public remember the company name, such as Appleā€™s apple logo, or it may help them remember the types of services or products provided by the business. Before beginning to create your design, you must determine what information is most important for you to quickly convey to your target audiences.

Carefully Choosing Colours

Colours can be a very powerful tool, and must be used correctly. Different colours evoke different emotions from the viewer. For example, if your logo is solid red, this may induce a sense of urgency. The colours you choose can help your customers feel calmed and welcomed by your company, or visitors may be put off by harsh or abrasive tones. Before settling on a colour scheme, take some time to do a bit of research on the psychology of colour, and only choose hues that promote the emotions you would like to project.

Simple but Memorable

Strong business logos must have the perfect balance of simple, but unique. To keep the logo simple, the overall shape of the logo itself should be fairly regular. This means using a recognizable figure, such as a square or triangle. If the overall shape of the design is too abnormal, this may become distracting and confusing for the eye.

Within the logo itself, inject elements that help make the design memorable. This can be accomplished by using creative fonts, word placements, or symbols that represent your company and/or ideals. The fonts you choose can suggest that your company is extremely professional, or they can even tastefully inject a bit of humour and personality.

Receive Help from Professionals

As pleased as you personally may be with your logo design concepts, it is always wise to get a second opinion before making the design public. Someone viewing your project from an outside perspective can provide more insight, and point out areas that are especially strong or weak. There may be elements of the design that make perfect sense to you, but will be confusing for others.

The best plan of action, whether you have created your own version of your logo or not, is to seek guidance from professional designers. They can give your concepts a more polished and professional appearance for a surprisingly low price. This is a design that will hopefully represent your company for many years; it is important to ensure that it is created correctly.