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If you want to create a company logo that looks as if it were professionally designed, you need to utilize the same tools that professional logo designers choose. Logo design companies rely upon high quality graphic design programs because they know that these resources will produce great results, and that the images will look flawless when displayed within any type of medium. Let’s take a closer look at how designers choose their software tools.

Vector Over Raster

You can narrow down your software choices considerably by avoiding raster-based tools, such as Photoshop. Raster-based images are created using pixels, which are simply small squares that create the picture. The problem with raster-based images is that they cannot easily be used in a variety of formats. When the image needs to be re-sized, the logo will likely become distorted. If the logo needs to be enlarged, each individual pixel becomes more visible, giving the image a very unprofessional pixelated appearance.

Vector images construct the designs using angles and curves. When vector-produced images are resized, these lines can easily be expanded without sacrificing any quality or detail within the image. This makes it infinitely easier to display a logo on a wide variety of print and web mediums.

Adobe Illustrator

One of the most commonly used vector-based logo design software applications used is Adobe Illustrator. This software is one of the most advanced choices on the market, and is constantly being updated to include new and innovative tools for designers. The images can be saved using formats that are compatible with many other types of software, making it easy to upload your finished logo onto your company website, or any other location. Adobe Illustrator can often also be used to edit and perfect raster-based images.

Corel Draw and Inkscape

Corel Draw and Inkscape are widely considered two of Adobe Illustrators biggest competitors. Corel Draw may not offer as many features and options as Adobe, but does have the capacity to create innovative and polished business logos. Corel features advanced tools such as 3D controls and automated print separation. Inskscape is a free version of logo design software that may not have all of the advanced features contained within Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, but can often be used to create comparable logo designs.

Saving Money by Hiring a Professional 

If you really want to achieve the high quality results that a professional logo designer would accomplish, you are likely going to need to spend a considerable amount of time and money. Not only are the top quality design programs very expensive, but they also require a great deal of time and energy to learn how to utilize all of their features.

For a very low fixed price, you can instead hire a design professional who already owns the best software, and knows how to use the software correctly. Often the most inexpensive and effective way to attain a great business logo is to accept the assistance of experienced, equipped, and qualified professionals.