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For centuries, symbols have been used to communicate things. The power of images cannot be overlooked. Pictures can replace words and still carry a significant impact. This is why your logo is so essential to your brand. It describes your company’s personality and values in a way that is easy to convey so that consumers can easily understand the message of a brand.

Hiring a professional can do wonders for your company and really propel the branding process. Choosing someone who has experience in producing outstanding logos that make a real impact can be difficult, but looking into a logo designer’s portfolio can make it much easier for you to gage the quality of their work. It will also give you the insight to see whether they will suit your brand and what you want to achieve with your new logo design.

Even Small Businesses can create a Winning Logo

You do not always have to hire the most expensive and invest lots of your profit into hiring a professional. There are several options on the internet and with local branding agencies where they offer high quality designs for a good price. You will be able to choose from a range of different packages which offer a certain amount of designs and redrafts. Therefore do not think that affordable and professional logo design do not fall into the same bracket, it may just mean you might have to look a little further.

So how can you ensure your logo is representing your brand in the best way possible?

Your logo is the most important symbol that will ever be designed for your brand. So to ensure you are using your visual identity to the full and getting the most from your logo you should put a lot of time into background research. Look into your competitors logos and see certain trends that stand out within your industry. Also, look back at your marketing plan and remember to include your company’s mission statement into the logo design brief. This summarisation of everything your brand stands for and what makes it unique will help direct the designer in the direction you want your company to go in.

Create Unforgettable Marketing Communications

Using social media to get your name out there is not only a good solution, it is fantastic one. The amount of people that can be reached through Facebook and Twitter ads is unmatched. The beauty of it is that social media marketing is also extremely affordable! Therefore it is crucial that no matter what your company size is, you work on this avenue of marketing and use it to present your logo to the digital world. Allow time for your customers to associate your logo with your company and its personality but use strong marketing communications to speed this process up.

Don’t forget the power a logo has to create an immediate spark of interest. In the design process, if the target audience is carefully thought about, you will hopefully end up with a logo that has a strong connection with your audience.

Maintain Consistency within your Communications Strategy

Building a strong foundation as a brand is crucial if you want to have long term relationships with your customers and increase consumer commitment. That is why using your brands new logo in line with various company promotions is a great way to keep your business on the consumers’ minds. Offering promotional giveaways and competitions is great for social media and helps get your audience involved. Tying together all parts of the communication with your new logo, the message should all be the same and be in line with your brand style.